These Community Guidelines and Terms of Use help create the best and most enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Note: Our team vets every new profile and collects feedback after every date.
Users who violate our Guidelines will be warned or suspended.



1. Create a truthful profile.

Use your real Facebook account to log into Tonight, not a fake one. Upload real, current photos of yourself. Represent your education, workplace, and other information truthfully.


2. Be respectful.

Create an authentic, self-respecting profile that would make your mom proud. No inappropriate or offensive content is allowed. Once you start texting/meeting with your date, behave in a way that would make your mom proud too.


3. Show up to your dates. No flaking!

Nobody likes a flake. If you say you’re free tonight and get a date through the app, follow through. It’s easy and fun to show up and grab a quick drink with someone. Be a good human.


4. Always meet in a public place.

We vet profiles and do our best to make sure everyone on Tonight is an upstanding and awesome person. Regardless, for your safety, you should always meet in a public place where there are plenty of people around. Tonight will recommend a particular bar or cafe at which to meet; feel free to follow this suggestion or pick another public venue.