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You're lonely? Charming Nikolayev girls are waiting for you to meet with you!

Everyone understands something peculiar as a night life. For some people it’s parties with popular DJs till morning, for others it’s nights with friends with a glass of wine, for some people it’s evenings in a company of cheerful and beautiful girls. In Nikolayev you can find everything you wish. So many foreigners come here not in vain: to rest and entertain themselves in Nikolayev is cheap, cheerful and pleasant.

In Nikolayev there are quite many various public places: here are night clubs, bars with numerous musical trends (rock, pop, techno, disco and others), cabaret and strip clubs, cafes.

Night life in the city gathers pace after 9 o’clock in the evening. If you are puzzled and don’t know where to go, first of all pay your attention at the center of the city – the Sovetskaya street (it’s new name is Sobornaya). Here within the range of nearly 3 blocks you can find 3 night clubs popular among young people at once: Monarch, Joy-Shambala and Mazza Lounge.

Not far from here are other not less popular places where tourists and local citizens like to rest. For example, the Storm club. It can contain more than 300 people within its walls. And if one knows about the program beforehand you can easily find yourself at a performance of a star or a special event. However, on weekdays here is calm at all.

What can you do if you are in Nikolayev not on a weekend, but in the middle of the week? You should head to the ‘Caprica’ club without any hesitations (its old name is Dillerium). Drinks cost very cheap here, music is various, that’s why young people gather here almost always.

ROOM 59 is not less popular. Design of the club corresponds to the latest European tendencies and it’s fitted with the best sound and light. Conceptual parties make every night special offering you to plunge into the world of electronic music, interesting dates, and high-class service for guests.

In summer the epicenter of the night life of Nikolayev is shifted to the sea, to the resort village of Koblevo located between Nikolayev and Odessa. Since June to August here work several dozens of clubs, but here are two absolute leaders. BRAZIL CLUB IN KOBLEVO is a flagman of the resort’s night life. And almost every girl in Nikolayev knows branded parties in the Aqua night-club accompanied with MCs rocking the dancefloor and DJs understanding the sense of rhyme. Here it’s comfortable and easy.

In Nikolayev itself summer nights can be spent in the breath-taking entertainment complex USHUAIA. At daytime you can enjoy tender beams of sun in the swimming-pool, drink bright cocktails and forget all problems having left them in the hustle and bustle of the city… In the evening in Ushuaia works the biggest dancefloor in the city. For you here is the music of the best DJs, performances of stars and the brightest shows!

For those who like not just listening to good music, but also try acting like stars in Nikolayev work several karaoke clubs. It’s, of course, the VIP karaoke club on the Sobornaya street (the old name is Sovetskaya) and the ‘Arch’ in the central avenue. In such clubs as Joy-Shambala, Storm, Caprica there also are karaoke halls where you can sing in a company with friends.

You have drunk something, sung a bit and clubbed… Do you want some ‘strawberry’? Such a kind of night leisure is very well-developed and popular in Nikolayev. Till 10-11 p.m. here striptease bars and strip clubs are open. Believe, in Nikolayev one can find a place to have a bachelor party or spend an evening in a company of hot, charming & beautiful Nikolaev girls.

Probably, the night life of Nikolaev is not so bright and rich as it is in Odessa or in Kiev, however, a good rest and a wonderful mood is guaranteed to you! Soon we are planning to add announcements of programs of night clubs, visitors’ feedbacks and reviews of experts.